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Last updated on January 10, 2023
The articles below are written by trusted Christian authors,
and are intended to help you live out your Christian life
to the Glory of God:

A Practical Way to Love Your (Self-Isolated) Neighbor?
Rule #8: Purpose to be Godly 
Rule #7: Fellowship with Godly People
Rule #6: Redeem Your Time
Rule #5: Ponder the Brevity of Life
Rule #4: Watch for Temptation

Rule #3: Think Holy Thoughts 
Rule #2: Guard Against Worldliness 
Rule #1: Trust the Means of Grace
8 Rules for Growing in Godliness
8 Steps for Real Repentance from Psalm 51?
Burying Myths about Christianity
When the Future You Planned for Never Comes
Know What Not to Say
What Does it Mean to Glorify God?

The Lost Art of Hospitality
Friends to Christ, Strangers To His Church
The Heart of Christian Fasting Part 4: Fasting Today
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 3: Fasting in the New Testament?
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 2: Fasting in the Sermon on the Mount?
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 1: Fasting in the Old Testament?
7 Marks of a Good Apology vs. 8 Marks of a Bad Apology?
Learning Self-Discipline?
Stop Complaining, Part 2
Ten Misconceptions About Practicing Hospitality
How To Distinguish True Zeal From False Zeal
Redeem Your Time
4 Ways Christians Can Stand Out At Work?
Six Ways To Be Prepared?
Lord, Deliver Me from Distraction
Four Characteristics Of A False Convert
Yes, You Can Please Your Heavenly Father
7 Trademarks Of An Unhealthy Friendship
Christian Life Beyond The Quiet Time

When You Feel Dead On The Inside
Reading Out Of Love For Others
4 Times In Life You Should Expect To Find Temptation
5 Bible Inputs To Grow, Grow, Grow

Nine Things Titus 2 Women Do 
Do You Set An Example In Your Conduct? 
Decision Making & “I Have A Peace About It”
The Sin Of Talking Too Much
4 Ways To Care For The Hurting Starting This Sunday
What Will You Do When The End Comes??
5 Ways To Discern True And False Repentance
14 Rules For Being A Godly Employee

When It Feels Like God Is Punishing You
12 Ways To Glorify God At Work
Should Christians Feel Guilty All The Time?
How To Backslide In 9 Easy Steps
The Joy Of Self-Discipline
Stop Complaining - Part 1 
Gossip: When Assassination Becomes Acceptable
Sayings Christians Ought to Bury
Remember Who Sits Over The White House
The Character Of the Christian: Gentle
The Character Of The Christian: Hospitable
10 Ways To Exercise Christlike Headship
Thirteen Practical Steps To Kill Sin
You Can’t Serve God And Entertainment
Fasting For Beginners
15 Ways To Fight Lust With The Sword Of The Spirit
There Is No Better Life
How To Repent Without Really Repenting
What Is The Secret of Joy In Suffering?

What Gives God Pleasure
Choosing Brokenness
Who Decides What Sin Is?
When Grumbling meets Gossip